Web development

Your solution, your way

We have developed an abundance of specialized systems, so we are able to relate to what the system is about, what it should do, which problems it should solve and who is going to use it.

Whether it is a simpel home page or if it needs to interact with other systems or services, we have done most everything during the years.

Contact us regarding your project and we are sure we will find a quality solution for it.

A couple of interesting projects

Educational material about Greenland

Danish students unfortunately know too little about the Commonwealth of the Realm and Greenland - espacially Greenland as it is today. In a collaboration between the Greenlanders’ House and ForlagetEpsilon, a big retought website with free educational material is therefore taking its shape. The site will contain informative animations, interactive tools, make it possible to work on assignments directly on the site, save it there and return to it later.

A new Danish dating site is coming

The new dating site, Nexus Dating, har been designed and implemented in-house. It is packed with features that have lots of aids for highlight yourself and lure people in. There is enough to keep most people occupied for a long time, while looking for the one and only...

Interactive scheduling tool for Skole 200

In connection with the 200th anniversay of the right and obligation to education there will be a themed week to celebrate the development. To help teachers plan the week we have developed an online, interactive, click-and-drag scheduling tool where they, in collaboration, can plan the entire week, share schedules and print a detailed overview.

Website and og shop system for Knud Larsen Byggecenter

For Knud Larsen Byggecenter, a hardware store, we have developed the website along with online webshop and forms in our own CMS. There is, of course, an integrated payment service so you can complete the purchase online. Futhermore, we also integrate to their stock and order system so their own, existing, system is always up to date.


Ad hoc

DKK 900,-
/hour ex. VAT

Consulting, small development projects and extensions and expansion for existing systems, etc., are charged by commenced hour.


For large or complex projects we will sit down with you and go through the project. Afterwards we will make you an offer on developing the solution. The offer will, of course, be based on our ad hoc price.


Let's have a look together

If you have any questions about the product, would like documentation or need something specific do not hesitate to contact us - we can find a solution together.


Your project might benefit from our other products


DKK 900,-
/hour ex. VAT

We also develop brand new design for any kind of project. If you need a design for your project, or parts of one, let us give our take on it.

SMS gateway

DKK 300,-
/month ex. VAT

Any project can benefit from an SMS gateway , e.g., for reminders, information and last, but not least, for quick subscriptions and unsubscriptions.


DKK 350,-
/month ex. VAT

If you need a finished, advanced SMS solution you can use Gruppe-SMS. Here you can easily manage all your SMS solutions while maintaining an overview.

Data enrichment

DKK 0,25
/lookup ex. VAT

If you are managing users, members and customers you can use data enrichment to ensure that you always have the correct data in your system.


DKK 500,-
/month ex. VAT

Establishment: DKK 10,000.-
ex. VAT

We have developed our own CMSwhich we use for our web applications. With our CMS you can maintain content and manage the various available settings.


DKK 150,-
/month ex. VAT

We also offer hostingand typically host the applications we develop ourselves. We offer both shared and dedicated servers for most purposes.

Payment gate

DKK 100,-
/month ex. VAT

Establishment from: DKK 400,-
ex. VAT

Whether you are managing a web shop or have a physical store it should be easy to take payments. Here you can get a solution that can be used for most cases.

Anything else?

We can do that, too!

If you have any further needs, please contact us.
We do it all.

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