Easy management of your website

In connection with the many web solutions we have developed, we have developed our own CMS, or Content Management System. Since we develop the system ourselves, we can easily get your web solution up and running, and manage the content yourself. There is an ongoing development of modules which can easily be adapted to your needs.

As your system becomes more advanced the administration system will keep up, and will become your hub for managing everything having to do with your system.

We offer free phone support, on weekdays from 8am to 5pm.

Worth knowing

User system

The CMS contains a user system for both your backend-brugere, dem der skal kunne tilgå administrationssitet, samt frontend-brugere, dem der benytter selve sitet.

Play around

Once your site has been set up in our CMS you can easily create new pages and maintain new ones.


With the hierarchical structure you get the ideal overview of your pages, groups, users and administrators and you can delegate different rights to administrators on different levels.


See our reference page for an overview of our many satisfied customers. You are welcome to contact us to get in contact with one of our customers, for them to tell you about the many splendors of our CMS.



DKK 500,-
/month ex. VAT

Establishment: DKK 10,000.-
ex. VAT

Modulær side-opbygning
Hierarkisk side-struktur
Hierarkisk bruger-administration
Inkl. opsætning af basis-design


Let's have a look together

If you have any questions about the product, would like documentation or need something specific do not hesitate to contact us - we can find a solution together.


Your project might benefit from our other products


DKK 150,-
/month ex. VAT

We also offer hostingand typically host the applications we develop ourselves. We offer both shared and dedicated servers for most purposes.

Web development

DKK 900,-
/hour ex. VAT

We do in-house web development and can solve most tasks, big or small.


DKK 900,-
/hour ex. VAT

We also develop brand new design for any kind of project. If you need a design for your project, or parts of one, let us give our take on it.

SMS gateway

DKK 300,-
/month ex. VAT

Any project can benefit from an SMS gateway , e.g., for reminders, information and last, but not least, for quick subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

DKK 350,-
/month ex. VAT

If you need a finished, advanced SMS solution you can use Gruppe-SMS. Here you can easily manage all your SMS solutions while maintaining an overview.

Data enrichment

DKK 0.80,-
/lookup ex. VAT

If you are managing users, members and customers you can use data enrichment to ensure that you always have the correct data in your system.

Payment gate

DKK 100,-
/month ex. VAT

Establishment from: DKK 400,-
ex. VAT

Whether you are managing a web shop or have a physical store it should be easy to take payments. Here you can get a solution that can be used for most cases.

Anything else?

We can do that, too!

If you have any further needs, please contact us.
We do it all.

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